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Policies and Compliance

Tulane University is permitted to engage in a limited amount of local, state and federal lobbying, provided it does not constitute a substantial part of the university’s activities in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and other legislation. In order to comply with these regulations and reporting requirements, Tulane University faculty and staff are not permitted to engage in lobbying activities on behalf of the University without the approval in advance by the University. If approved, lobbying activities must be documented and related expenses must be reported to the Office of Government and Community Relations. The use of federal funds to lobby any federal official in Congress or the Executive branch in support of awarding or extending a federal contract, grant, loan or cooperative agreement is strictly prohibited. Universities are explicitly prohibited from supporting or opposing political candidates in elections. Nothing in these policies prevent faculty or staff from expressing personal views on personal time and with personal resources, provided it is made clear that they are not made on behalf of the university.

The Policies and Guidelines related to political activity have been developed in order to maintain a transparent and proper relationship with local, state and federal governments. Any policy-related questions should be directed to OGCR staff by calling 504-988-3390 or sending email to Tulane_OGCR@wave.tulane.edu.